Phillip Bread, Kiowa, 1986
Baryte silver print, 40 x 40cm
or Inkjet print on Hahnemuehle Silk Baryta, ed. of 12

Christine Turnauer

Portraits of Indians

“Edward Curtis might have depicted them as noble savages; through Christine’s eyes, they become people one wishes to know more closely. Like Christine herself, they are both moved and moving, protagonists in a beautiful story that can only end well” (Frank Horvat, Paris, May 1992)

For this work, Christine Turnauer built a portable daylight studio, in the form of a tent, and travelled for two years from North Alberta to South Montana to attend the different “pow wows” (Native Indian gatherings). In 1992 a publication of her works entitled Portraits was published and featured in a number of exhibitions in Canada and the UK. For more information on Christine Turnauer, see Presence